Academic council


The Academic Council is an advisory administration body of the Institute that examines the most important issues concerning activities and development of the Institute.
Ex officio members of the Institute are:
Director of the Institute;
Deputy Director;
Heads of departments and heads of research departments of the institute subordination.
Elected members of the Academic Council of the Institute are:
Scientific-pedagogical and research departments of the Institute with doctor degree or PhD and scientific titles, elected in accordance with the quota representation of these units;
Students, post-graduate students and training course students subordinated to the Institute;
The term of office of the Academic Council is 5 years.
Chairman of the Academic Council is the director of the Institute.
The Academic Council:
considers and submits candidates for the posts of heads of departments subordinated to the Institute, to the Rector and the Academic Council of the University;
examines and provides the Academic Council candidates for the award of academic titles of senior researcher, associate professor, professor.