Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies

Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies (ICSIT) was founded on the 19th of October 2001 on the basis of the former Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Technologies. Nowadays it is considered the leading scientific and educational centre in the field of computer science in Ukraine.

Fivedepartments providetrainingof highly skilledprofessionalsready to meet current andfutureneeds of the society. These are Automated Control Systems department, Information Systems and Networks department, Applied Linguistics department, Software department and Computer Aided Design Systems department.

The academic process at the departments is maintained by the faculty of more than 200 academics, out of whom 20 are professors, doctors and 82 hold Ph.D. degree. The head of ICSIT is Mykola Oleksandrovych Medykovskyy, Doctor of Engineering, Professor. The Institute has developed the electronic information-analytical system for monitoring the academic process, which has been successfully implemented since 2005 enabling the efficient use of human resources, scientific and methodological support, as well as material facilities.

Material and technical facilities for training professionals include twentyfour computer classrooms and four specialized scientific computer laboratories equipped with the latest hardware and software where students can get free access to the Internet.

The total number of students currently enrolled in ICSIT is about 3000.

According to the Decree of the Minister of Education and Science of 19.12.1999 a complex "Computer Education" was launched. It embraces educational institutions of lower accreditation level (Drohobych Technical College, Lviv Technical College, Khmelnytskyy Polytechnic College, Lviv 48 Vocational School, Educational Technology Centre for pupils and others), and gives an opportunity for the best graduates to continue their studies at Lviv Polytechnic National University offering short-term study programmes.

The network of specialised schools of Lviv region in the field of “Computer Science and Information Technologies” has been built at Lviv Polytechnic National University since September 2008. The network comprises 15 schools in Lviv region. Teachers of the schools are involved in methodological work, and pupils get profound professional training in their majors which enables them to become good professionals and successful students in future.

The Institute also offers extra-mural education and external studies.